Grenoble, 27-29 June 2022

COALA Ambassador at IndTech 2022 


Indtech is an annual exhibition, with thousands of attendees from Industry, Institutions, Academia, Research, and the Press, whose goals are to improve the visibility of industrial technologies, to help identify policy options and priorities, to share information and compare points of views, and to provide space for networking and finding common goals among industry stakeholders.

COALA was presence at a dedicated exhibition space within the Foresee Cluster booth in EFFRA village, together with the MAS4AI project.

Indtech offered many opportunities to support COALA goals for Communication, Dissemination and Contributions towards AI and Manufacturing Communities activities. For COALA Ambassador programme, this event enables us to promote COALA solution offered for manufacturing industry to innovation leaders, scientists, researchers and public decision-makers. 

COALA was represented by Jacopo Cassina, COALA Ambassador, and CEO of Holonix, a partner in the COALA consortium. At the booth, we presented COALA concept, and show demos of the main features of the latest prototype of the COALA Assistant. COALA raised a lot of interest for its innovative characteristics. The booth had 50 + interested visitors from private companies, projects, and researchers, who provided very positive feedbacks.  A solid networking activity was made by the COALA ambassador, having the opportunity to discuss with key representatives of relevant initiatives.

For more information about the event, please visit the IndTech 2022 website.

COALA Ambassador in front of ForeSee Cluster booth

Demo showing the COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant Implementation