Digital Intelligent Assistant Core

Intelligent, voice-enabled, mobile user interface

Digital Intelligent Assistant Core – DIA Core – represents the intelligent, voice-enabled, mobile user interface with reliable language processing, mobile usage, and secure integration in the production IT landscape.

The DIA Core bases on the open source, privacy focused assistant, Mycroft, and will feature four actions:

“Explain” to build trust
“Advice” to help users perform their tasks
“Predict” to inform about future events
“Inform” to provide facts and resource status

We will extend the Mycroft’s existing functions to meet manufacturing requirements, such as time criticality, reliability when dealing with factory noise, safety when giving advice to workers and security in business environment. It will provide evidence that an open digital assistant can support manufacturing. 

The DIA Core conversational agent team consists of the voice-enabled digital assistant, Mycroft, and a connected chatbot built with the Rasa framework. Bot agents complement each other and make COALA’s core infrastructure flexible and powerful in terms of Natural Language Understanding and Dialog Management.

DIA Core system design focuses on five elements:

Subjective satisfaction

users find the system pleasant and appropriate

Ease of appropriation

users can remember easily how to use the system


users cannot make too many or too severe errors and can recover easily

Ease of learning

new users can achieve their goals easily


users can perform tasks quickly through an easy process


Anatomy of a Digital Assistant
COALA Voice – enabled Digital Intelligent Assistant for Manufacturing – Second Prototype Demo
COALA Voice – enabled Digital Intelligent Assistant for Manufacturing – First Prototype Demo

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