Industrial Workshops

COALA Industrial Workshop #1 – July 2023

In the COALA Industrial Workshop, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of capturing workers’ knowledge efficiently and how implementing a Digital Intelligent Assistant can help them share their knowledge and improve their task performance. Ethical issues related to privacy, security and the potential for bias in the acquired knowledge will be addressed. Moreover, this online workshop will demonstrate COALA cognitive assistant capabilities, how it interacts with the users, how it provides cognitive support on the shop floor and how it supports on-the-job training.

More information and recordings are available here.

COALA Industrial Workshop #2 – Sept 2023

This second COALA Industrial Workshop will discuss how a digital assistant can support factory workers in performing data analytics. Take an example during quality tests in a laboratory at the end of the production line. COALA’s approach to minimising production quality issues is by applying predictive and prescriptive quality analytics. This online workshop will demonstrate one of the COALA features, namely Augmented Manufacturing Analytics, how it interacts with the users and provides analytical and decision support on the shop floor.

More information and registration are available here.