COALA Newsletter #2 – Dec 2021

Welcome to COALA Newsletter 2nd edition. In this edition, we present COALA’s solution and its underlying components, as well as the introduction of the textile business case. This case focusses on training and development of textile worker’s AI competencies. In the community and event sections of this newsletter, you will find some of the past and upcoming event highlights. Check out full newsletter!

COALA Newsletter #1 – June 2021

Welcome to COALA Newsletter 1st edition. In this edition, we introduced our vision and objectives to develop a trustworthy voice-enabled Digital Assistant for the manufacturing industry . We also interviewed one of our end-users from Whirlpool cooperation on challenges and benefits of implementation in the White Goods use case. Last but not least, we reported our activities to contribute to a Europe wide AI community for manufacturing sector and our upcoming events. Check out full newsletter!