Didactic Concept

Multidimensional Learning Pathways for On-the-job and Further Training of Factory Workers

A process-oriented didactic concept for the training and further education through using a voice-based assistant, the COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant, has been developed. The aim is to present a structured element for implementation within internal training and further education processes to meet the requirements of the respective use cases. The selected didactic approaches are based on the results of evaluated questionnaires and the evaluation of the data collected on typical work situations.

The didactic design as well as the resulting methodology consider scientific justifications for learning in and at the work process as well as a competence development of the users through spiral curricular elements. For this purpose, micro-learning units in the form of learning nuggets were designed along with multi-dimensional learning paths.

COALA Didactic Concept Features

Instructional Design (ADDIE Model)
Learning Nuggets
Learning Pathways


COALA Cognitive Advisor for Production Line Operators

Scientific Publications

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