COALA Podcasts

COALA Ambassador Podcast #1

We are delighted to introduce the COALA Ambassador Podcast. We intend to make this Podcast a regular contribution and to use it to keep you in touch and discuss COALA news and developments with representatives of other projects and initiatives related to AI and Manufacturing.

COALA Ambassador Podcast #2

Guest of this Episode is John Soldatos, coordinator of ICT-38 AI-MAN Cluster, a recognized Innovation Leader in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing, with Jacopo Cassina, the COALA Ambassador.

COALA Ambassador Podcast #3

COALA meets BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT EU is a research project funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 program. Three members of the project will share their knowledge about the state of the art of BRILLIANT and brainstorm about synergies with AI and Manufacturing, different projects such as COALA.

COALA Ambassador Podcast #4

COALA meets  Juanan Arrieta (IDEKO) and Odd Myklebust (SINTEF) to know more about the DAT4Zero EU project and about their perspective on zero defects, quality management in production, Artificial Intelligence and synergies across projects.

COALA Ambassador Podcast #5

In this  episode, COALA meets Andrea Castellano (DOMINA), Kostas Kalaboukas (GRUPPO MAGGIOLI), and Joze Rozanec (QLECTOR) to speak about  Energy-Aware Factory Analytics, Process Industries, Artificial Intelligence, R&D Communities synergies, and the FACTLOG EU R&D Project.

COALA Ambassador Podcast #6

COALA meets FORESEE with Kosmas Alexopoulos (LMS-Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation – University of Patras) and Karl Hribernik (BIBA – Bremer Institute for Production and Logistics).

FORESEE is a cluster of EU projects that aims to develop sustainable predictive maintenance solutions for the factory of the future.