COALA Podcasts

COALA Ambassador Podcast #1

We are delighted to introduce the COALA Ambassador Podcast. We intend to make this Podcast a regular contribution and to use it to keep you in touch and discuss around COALA news and developments with representative of other project and initiatives related to AI and Manufacturing.

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COALA Ambassador Podcast #2

Guest of this Episode is John Soldatos, coordinator of ICT-38 AI-MAN Cluster, recognized Innovation Leader in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing, with Jacopo Cassina, the COALA Ambassador.

Paolo Perillo, as the moderator, will gather John’s and Jacopo’s views on what are the big topics at stake in Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing.  John and Jacopo will also brainstorm ideas on future synergies across cluster of projects, such as ICT-38, individual projects, such as COALA, and wider communities, with the goal to maximize the impact of research.

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