COALA Webinar #3

AI-assisted On-the-job Training for Textile Workers

Applying Digital Intelligent Assistants and Teaching Factory Workers AI Competencies

Thu, 09 Feb 2023 –  13:00 – 14:30 CET

The COALA 3rd Webinar presents some examples of application of Digital Intelligent Assistants in the textile industry use case. COALA partner, Dr. Massimo Angelo Curti, Lecturer of Città Studi Biella based in Italy, share with us their hands-on experiences during the implementation and first testing of the COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant for the on-the-job training of warping and weaving operators. Citta Studi is an educational organization in Biella, which supports textile industries, e.g. Piacenza , one of COALA use case partners, in the training of their new workers. Here students can learn how to work on a specific machine, to understand how the machine works and what are the possible problems that can occur during work.

Besides that, our partner from TUD, Chaofan Wang, also presents a demo on application of the COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant functions connect with the cognitive advisor service. The on-the-job training assistant helps operators by providing suggestions on relevant learning nuggets and answering frequently asked questions. For example, if a loom operator needs specific instructions, they can ask COALA assistant directly.

The assistant can suggest them a learning nugget on a specific topic. It can also teach operators to troubleshoot the machine in an efficient way and guide them step-by-step through the troubleshooting process while offering learning materials in the form of learning nuggets.

The webinar is free of charge, dedicated to people who want to learn and see a concrete implementation of the AI assistance technology in a real business case. It is interactive, where you have the opportunity to ask questions to the experts panel and we are happy to receive your feedback on our offered solution.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Speakers

Dr. Massimo Angelo Curti has a PhD in Chemical Engineering. After several years of working as researcher at Polytechnic University of Turin and University of Genoa, he became one of the founders of the TCP Engineering which operates in the field of process, textile and chemical engineering. He is now working in some EU projects with Città Studi – Pointex team. He is also a teacher for different universities and for the Città Studi Academy courses.

Chaofan Wang  is a postdoctoral researcher at the Sustainable Design Engineering department of IDE, TU Delft. His research interest is located in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, and Medical Informatics. Especially, he is experienced in applying machine learning algorithms to process wearable and environmental sensor data (IMU, sEMG, RGB camera, depth camera, and thermal imaging camera) for activity recognition and image segmentation. He is currently working on deploying conversational agents in industrial settings.


COALA Webinar 2: Liquid Detergent Use Case: Welcome & Agenda

The COALA 2nd Webinar presents some benefits of application of Digital Intelligent Assistant and shows implementation of the assistant in the liquid detergent production use case.

COALA Webinar 2: COALA Solution & Cognitive Advisor Service

Chaofan Wang from TU Delft introduces COALA objectives and solution as well as explains how Cognitive Advisor Service can support operators in troubleshooting, facilitate on-the-job training for novices, and provide production analytics to production managers.

COALA Webinar 2: Introduction to Diversey Use Case

Barnabas Kiss, Director Operational Excellence at Diversey, shares his views on some challenges they are facing in their production lines and how implementing COALA solution will enable them reducing change over time, improving line handling by operators and increasing efficiency of the production lines.

COALA Webinar 2: Demonstration of COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant implemented in the Liquid Detergent Use Case

Demonstration of application of the COALA Digital Intelligent Assistant functions, which connected with the cognitive advisor service that can support operators in troubleshooting, facilitate on-the-job training for novices, and provide production analytics to production managers. The Cognitive Advisor Service accesses shop-floor data (e.g., machinery location, production rates, and production issues) and adapts the learning progress to the user.